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Child’s stair lift

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Kent
  • WK 747 2008
  • Complete

Stair liftOliver is a young boy who, having cerebral palsy, cannot climb the stairs and whose prime carer, his father, is also physically disabled and therefore unable to carry him. As Oliver grows, the problem is only going to get worse. The width of the stairs is quite limited and yet all members of the family need to use the stairs safely.

Tracks were provided which could fold away when the stairs were in use by other members of the family. A buggy was designed, around a child’s cycle seat, that would enable Oliver to be wheeled to the stairs and then winched up the tracks using a hand-powered winch fitted with an anti run-back device.

Oliver can now be transported upstairs safely and the stairs cleared for others in the family. The only problem is getting Oliver off it!

(Kent West)

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