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Child’s tricycle

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Kent
  • WK 815 2009
  • Complete

Child's tricycleThree year old Isobel has Rett syndrome and has very limited muscle control. She had outgrown the tricycle she had been using and needed good support for her body while she tried to kick herself along with her feet.

The shape of her body was copied using the Burnett system and a fibreglass seat was made from it which gave her good support from her pelvis to her armpits. The steering of the trike was locked up so she could only travel backwards and forwards.

Isobel feels very comfortable with her body so well supported and can learn to use her leg muscles as she has a bit of fun.

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One response to “Child’s tricycle”

  1. Sandy Holdom says:

    Can you please tell me the make of that tricycle. What is the height of the seat? Is it adjustable. I have a client with spina bifida. She has outgrown her little Scuttle bug, which is not suitable for modifying. She can only push backwards to propel herself forwards, which if fine but I cannot find another model with a seat height of 32cm or more. Thanks a lot.

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