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Christmas wrapping station

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The solution

We wanted to find a way to make wrapping lots of gifts easier and thought to suspend the roll of paper on a pole so one end was removable to change the roll then let it drop to a table at lap height would keep the paper taught then to enable us to cut it without having to constantly use scissors which are tricky and hard to use we thought to feed the paper under a slightly raised carpet grip rail ( but one without lots of spikes under it!) raised by 3/4 washers each end and screwed onto a flat board big enough for the roll of paper to pull down on to and wrap the gifts on. Then the paper is fed under the grip rod and pulled forward to correct size and torn off against rail. We did find that you may need a bit of sticky tac to hold the paper just at the edges on the roll side of the paper just behind the grip rail to stop the paper pulling back. But otherwise the other thing you could use is the sticky rubber matting that stops things moving in a tray and this helps prevent the paper sliding around.

The benefit

we thought we would like to share this idea as it really has made wrapping easier for us and has meant much less stress on the back arms and hands and can be done sitting down-  radio on with Christmas music and off you go!

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