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Chunc to BuggyPod coupling

Chunc to Buggypod Coupling 1 7 year-old boy has cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. He uses a Chunc 45 wheelchair. His little sister is 1 year-old. Mother requires to be able to take both children out together and is looking for a means to couple a secondary push-chair type pram to the Chunc 45. Mother has already purchased a second-hand Revelo BuggyPod and wished this to be used as the auxiliary chair.

Chunc to Buggypod Coupling 2

During a telephone discussion with engineers at Revelo, the manufacturer of the BuggyPod, they stated that they had seen one of their BuggyPods coupled to a Chunc 45 at an exhibition. Following on from there, a call to the manufacturers of the Chunc 45 chair revealed that they had indeed developed a coupling adaptation. This was purchased, at relatively little cost, and fitted to the Chunc 45 chair.

The adaptation permits simple coupling of the BuggyPod, which may either be folded up when not in use or speedily removed and replaced without the use of any tools. When the BuggyPod is removed, a pair of interface coupling units are left attached to the Chunc 45 chair.

Chunc to Buggypod Coupling 5

Chunc 45 parts required for this project were:

Description                               Part No                        No        Cost

Front Harness Attachment       Assy ASM 1527            1          £4.60

M8x16mm Button Head           SS Bolt NA-00-451        1          £0.07

M8x16mm Socket Head          SS Bolt NA-00-501         1          £0.14

Non-Rotating Boss                  PSM 1308                      1          £1.15

Fixed End Cap                        PSM 1310                      1          £0.87

Points to note on BuggyPod:

  • The BuggyPod auxiliary chair retails at around £80.00 and is an extremely well engineered auxiliary chair which is capable of being fitted to a wide range of standard and special needs chairs. Revelo publish a compatability list on their website but this list does not yet show compatability with the Chunc 45.
  • When not in use, the BuggyPod may either be folded up or simply removed – without the need for any tools
  • The BuggyPod may only be fitted to the right hand side of the main chair (as seen from the pusher’s point of view)

The facility permits the mother to take both children out together. This enhances the interaction and bond between the children since they are now doing things together.

Chunc to Buggypod Coupling 3

Chunc to Buggypod Coupling 4

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