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Comfort panels for a standing sling

  • P.Greenslade
  • Exeter
  • 00005153
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The person relies on a standing hoist  but the standing sling was uncomfortable under the arms. The current sling was the most padded version available. The sling belongs to the community equipment store, so nothing can be permanently fixed to the sling as it would compromise the fabric and would affect safety checks.

Dense natural  fleece scraps from the local ‘scrap store’ were cut to shape and joined at the long edge to create a tube shape, by stitching soft elastic to each long edge. The panels can be moved along the sling to the right position and stay in place while the sling is used, and can be slid off when the sling has its safety checks.

The Challenge

Stand to correct postural damage

The benefit

Along with 2 previous jobs to create a step for the hoist and to create knee pads and a heel strap this work has given her the opportunity to stand after over 2 years of being unable to achieve this. This will be of benefit in all  aspects of life.

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