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Console Game Adaptation

IMG_3525 The client has limited use of only one hand and limited use of both feet following an accident. He wanted to continue playing a genre of computer console games known as First Person Shooter (FPS) games.

The particular characteristic of these games is that you need simultaneous and rapid use of two joysticks and also some buttons.

Much research on the internet and contact with Remap head office and blog was undertaken to establish whether suitable off the shelf solutions were around. There is a whole sub-culture of disabled gaming with quite a few commercial propositions.

Many of the solutions are applicable to Computer Games as opposed to Console Games (my client was in possession of and wished to use a Sony PS3). Some of the solutions do allow flexibility and potentially implementation of all the functions required in an appropriate manner, but would be prohibitively expensive (many hundreds of pounds). There are also now some very interesting low cost mass market devices that could potentially be used (eg motion sensing systems), but might require very complex interfacing to an existing console and game.

A pragmatic solution was arrived at by establishing what were the critical sub-set of controls necessary to play the particular game (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3) and how these could be distributed to functionality that the client could control. This resulted in a system that comprised a modified PS3 Controller accepting inputs from a foot operated joystick, a foot operated 2 position switch and a palm operated switch. The constituent parts of the system were assembled on a flat surface suitable for use on a wheelchair tray, with pluggable leads to the floor mounted controls.

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