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Cooker controls

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • LN/08/10/c 2009
  • Complete

Cooker controlsThe client has severe arthritis in her hands and had extreme difficulty in operating the knobs on her oven and hob since they were round and smooth and difficult to grip. The client required controls which she could grip which would not make her arthritic pain worse.

For the hob, thimble shaped plastic sleeves were made, the tapered bore locking on to the existing knobs. Each was fitted with an 8mm thick Perspex cross piece which the client could grip effectively. A small rivet was fitted to the front of each extension to indicate the ‘off’ position. The same principle was applied to the oven knobs, though these did not require an ‘off’ indicator.

The client is now able to use the cooker controls without difficulty and is pleased with the neat appearance of the extensions.

(Lincoln & District)

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