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Cookie Monster Toy-Jelly Bean Switch

The small boy was not able to activate his Cookie Monster toy himself. It needed it’s mouth squeezed closed to make it talk.

The solution

The toy’s speech was activated by a microswitch attached to a hinged plastic insert inside the head attached to the mouth.  The insert also contained the speech chip and a small speaker. This and the wiring to the battery were contained in a fabric ‘bag’ to separate them from the stuffing of the toy, so it was necessary to cut the bag stitching to access the plastic insert. A pair of wires were soldered across the microswitch contacts and routed with the battery wiring to the slit in the toy’s back where the battery box was located. The fabric ‘bag’, most of which was inside the head was re-stitched which was not an easy task. The new wires from the microswitch were then connected to a 3.5mm jack socket accessible through the existing slit in the back of the toy.  The Jelly Bean switch button comes with a 3.5mm plug which connects to the new jack socket.

The benefit

The small boy can now activate his Cookie Monster’s speech by pressing the large Jelly Bean button

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