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Cot-bed bars

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Swindon
  • 17/03 2005
  • Complete

Cot-bed barsThis toddler with Downs syndrome was outgrowing his cot. His mother needed somewhere he could be left safely to sleep and play. The solution should allow easy access for his mother and be quickly removable for cleaning.

A full-size bed was considered most suitable, allowing plenty of space when functioning as a playpen. Three frames of bars were made: one for the side of the bed, fastened by a wing nut; a continuation to this, serving as an access gate and hinged to the wall at the top; and one at the foot that is slotted to brackets on the wall and side frame.

The gate precludes the need for the mother to lift the child over the bars and provides access for changing. The bed can be pulled out into the room by simply lifting off the end panel and removal of a single nut will free the bed completely.

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