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Crutch Stand

The client, an 80 y.o. woman, is unable to walk or stand for more than a few seconds due to severe arthritis in her right hip. The condition has worsened over the past 18 months, and now she is confined to a sofa. She needs two crutches, and also some device to park the crutches close to hand. The client only expects to need crutches for the next fortnight, until her hip replacement operation, and then for three or four months afterwards, so a cheap and compact solution was called for. The only safety consideration was the stability of the device.

The solution

Two crutches were to be supported in a near-vertical position on a level floor. The prototype base plate was 250mm x 300mm, the vertical members were 80mm x 60mm, and the horizontals were 80mm x 130mm. The crutches lean backwards slightly, the feet being retained by the lower horizontals and the bodies, just below the hand grips, being supported by the upper horizontals. The stand, with crutches, can be tilted 10 degrees in either direction without falling over.

The benefit

The client can now walk further than before, although her arthritis is still a limiting factor. It it expected that easy access to her crutches will expedite her recovery post-operation, and the stand can be brought back into use if crutches are ever needed again.

She has difficulty bending, so if the crutches fell over she had to have someone retrieve them – now, they just don’t fall over.

The client is very grateful and appreciative of this and other small aids that Remap can provide.

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