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Crutches bracket for electric scooter

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2019/088
  • Complete

The client requires a bracket to hold his crutches, but mounted in front of the seat. The area behind the seat (where commercial brackets are usually fitted) is taken up by a cargo basket.

The solution

The crutches are secured by a pair of broom holders fixed to a bracket mounted on the underside of the arm rest. Their feet are located in a repurposed stainless steel cultery drainer fixed to the running board with ss jubilee clips.

The benefit

The client can now have his crutches to hand, without losing the use of the cargo basket.

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2 responses to “Crutches bracket for electric scooter”

  1. Robert Monk says:

    If you would like one to be made for you, you should contact your local Remap group: But bear in mind that suitable commercial ones may be available to suit your own circumstances and Remap does not make what is commercially available:, so please check first.

  2. Poppie Searchfield says:

    This looks great! The position means the crutches can be grabbed quickly – unlike when they are mounted in the back. That looks like a good quick-release crutch holder – where did you get that piece? I’d like to buy one.

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