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Cup holder

  • Robert Monk
  • BK2022/166
  • Complete

Client needed a two-handled cup holder to allow her to use normal cups rather than baby cups now that she is now a teenager. No commercial products met the requirement. The only holder that had been found was for a much smaller container, in both diameter and height, and so was not suitable for the taller larger cups that the client desired. Single-handled holders available for larger cups would not be suitable.

The solution

The holder that the client had purchased but could not be used was modified by separating it into two halves, softening it and increasing the diameter of the faces to suit the larger cups and removing the lip around the base. Two Velcro straps were attached to the two halves using chrome rivets so that the holder fitted the desired cups but was also adjustable for a wide range of sizes. The Velcro was of the self-sticking type so that it could be folded back on itself to lock the diameter.

Modified cupholder

Cup holder in use

The benefit

The client can now safely use a range of cups for drinking

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