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Customised Bath Steps

  • Gerry Van Hee
  • York
  • 1930
  • Complete

Our client is a young boy who has short legs and very short thigh bones. He cannot walk but can manage getting up the house stairs using his knees and elbows.

He needed some steps to crawl up to get to his bath seat to get into the bath. The only available steps were too big and heavy to be used as they also had to be moved in and out of the small bathroom so the rest of the family could use it.

As he now weighs 22kg, it is a struggle and dangerous to try and just lift him on to and off his bath seat. Due to these difficulties he was developing a resistance to having his bath.

The solution

The solution delivered consists of a set of 3 blocked-in steps. Each step has a rise of 17cm which is 1cm less than the house stairs which he manages to get up. The side pieces extend higher to 65cm which gives something to guide him on to and off the steps. The steps come out about 72 cm from the bath into the bathroom which is the maximum within the space available. The width of the step treads is 45cm and the tread depth is 22cm (which aligns with the house stairs).

The steps have a support frame at the back (ie the bath side) which is fold-able so the steps can be removed and packed away when not needed. The folded steps come down to a size of about 100cm x 53cm x 25cm

The steps are painted white and the treads covered with cork for safety and warmth. The steps have been tested to ensure they support a weight of at least 45kg. The steps themselves weigh 10kg which was considered an acceptable weight to work with.

The benefit

Our young client can now safely transfer himself on to and off his bath chair at bath time. His mother does not have to risk hurting her back lifting him in and out. The steps can be removed so the rest of the family can have their space in the small house bathroom.

Bath time is now popular again. On the final delivery, our youngster was very excited and shot up the steps on his own and into the (empty) bath completely unaided!

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