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Data transfer from iPad to tv

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(posted by Paula Allchin)
Stephen Green has a referral he would like help with please.

A client with very restricted arm movement and little strength wants to read a book by transferring data from her Ipad mini to her TV. Info from the internet suggests that the Ipad can be connected to the TV using an Apple lightning AV adapter and an HDMI cable. The TV HDMI port is already connected to a talktalk internet box.

Can I use a HDMI 2 way splitter to connect them all. I’m also not sure how she would select displaying the ipad content.

TV is a Bush LCD32TV022HD’

Please contact Stephen

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2 responses to “Data transfer from iPad to tv”

  1. Mike Nevett says:

    Hi, I have used an HDMI switch which is I think the same as , at least it looks the same! Steve’s comment about devices on standby could be a problem if the devices don’t switch off properly and your client can’t operate the switch, but it worked OK for me.

    Mike Nevett, Leicester & Rutland Panel member.

  2. Steve Bloor says:

    My tv is not new and only has one hdmi socket but i use a splitter to connect many devices. The big problem is they all say automatic selection , that is the device you have connected but if you have more then one, all modern devices are on standby so you will have to use the select button on the splitter and all will work like magic i am sure.
    Apple hdmi adaptor is vital as cheap sold on amazon have high fail rate
    If in doubt contact me as my son is an APPLE Genius ( Job Title)

    Best wishes
    Steve Bloor

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