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Dexterity and Thinking Aids


Four dexterity aids were requested to help clients practice fine manipulations. The four aids were a ‘Tower of Hanoi Puzzle‘, ‘Buzzer and Wire“, ‘Nuts and Bolts‘ and a ‘Door Lock‘.

The request was, that the small scale door that could be easily transported and positioned on a table top. The door was to have locks and handles to enable users to practice opening/closing/locking the door. To transport the door the support legs are rotated to be in line with the frame. To use -rotate the support legs 90 degrees with the longer section of the leg projecting on the face the door opens to.

Hanoi Puzzle-Move the discs from A to B to finish as shown with the smallest disc on top. At no point can you place a larger disc on top of a smaller one.

The Buzzer Test-Move the hoop from one end to the other without touching the wire. The second rig can be mounted to test either vertical or horizontal movement. Select a ring size to test your skill level.

The Nuts and Bolts task included two sets of bolts of differing size and sets of nuts which could be screwed on and off.


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