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a special clip attached to a dog lead

Dog Lead Adaptation

  • Gerry Van Hee
  • York
  • 4824 - YO22/1251
  • Complete

Our client is a professional dog walker who was struggling with clipping a dog lead to the dog’s collar due to osteoarthritis in her hands and fingers. This simple adaptation of a carabiner clip has enabled her to carry on working safely with her dogs.

The Challenge

Our client is a professional dog walker who needs to be able to walk up to four dogs safely and easily. Unfortunately, our client suffers from severe osteoarthritis in her hands which is making it very difficult for her to work a normal dog lead clip and connect it to a dog’s collar. She needs to be able to connect and disconnect her dog walking leads quickly and easily, irrespective of how bad the weather is and how boisterous the dogs are!

The solution

A standard carabiner clip was connected via a small D-shackle to the normal dog lead clip. To make the carabiner as easy as possible to hold and open, a wooden block was attached to carabiner body and a smaller metal plate was attached to the clip. These two adaptations in effect reduced the strength and dexterity needed to work the clip and made it easier to hold and operate.

The benefit

Our client is now able to carry on with her professional work with dogs in confidence and safety.

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