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Door opener for self closing doors

Self closing doors are essential in many places such as care homes to limit the risk with fire but commercial door openers are prohibitively expensive.

The solution

The keeper of an electro-magnetic fire door holder was mounted on the top of the door and the actuator was mounted on an arm fixed to the wall so that when the door was fully open they engaged and when electrical current was applied the door would hold open. A pivoting lever with a hand hold was fitted to the door with nylon cord attached to the door handle so that when the lever was initially pulled away from the door it unlatched the door, further pulling of the lever could fully open the door to engage the fire door holder.  The fire door holder was energised with a remote electrical socked controller.  This approach saved over £1,000 a door compared to a commercial door opener. Also shown is a door wedge on a long handle so that people with some mobility could open the door and hold it open as they passed through retrieving the door wedge on their way.  Remap have provided many people with this low cost simple aid.

The benefit

The client in her wheelchair had two rooms in the home, one for sitting and the other a bedroom, so fitting this unit to both doors enabled her to independently use both rooms with ease, saving the use of staff to open doors or considerable expense.

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