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Drag-bag conversion to take ambulatory oxygen cylinder

Client’s requirement

This referral came from a pulmonary rehab OT for a 72 year-old Crone’s sufferer who had complications from medication which resulted in surgery and the occasional need for ambulatory oxygen.

The engineer highlighted the limited mobility over rough ground of the small-wheel drag-bag compared to larger-wheel (150mm diameter) shopping trolleys and showed examples of previous solutions.  The client did not wish to invest in a larger capacity shopping trolley or have the cylinder on view.  As there was no requirement beyond using it within a supermarket or similar smooth-floored space and she was always accompanied by another person who carried the shopping, it was agreed to go ahead and do the modification as requested.

The solution

Ordinarily the drag-bag collapses for storage.  This comprises a telescoping bottom frame to reduce width, a collapsing bag and telescoping handle to reduce height.  It was necessary to pin the bottom frame with self-tapping screws through both tubes.  A wooden box was fabricated from 6mm ply with a hole in the top surface suitable to accommodate the 100 mm diameter cylinder.  The box was fixed to a plastic bicycle mudguard, which formed the supporting ‘backbone’ for the cylinder, the top end of which was secured to the bag handle frame.  The cylinder was secured at the top by a strap made from a dog collar.  The box is secured when the bag is zipped up.  The bag is sufficiently tall to almost fully enclose the cylinder for discreet use.  Space for shopping is virtually nil beyond, say, a purse and a few small items.

Herefordshire ref: 14/40/C

bag closed

bag closed

cylinder in situ

cylinder in situ

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