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Drinking aid with pump

Drinking aid with pumpThe client could no longer raise a cup to her mouth or actively swallow. She frequently ingested food and drink into her lungs. Any fluid was being administered by her carer, one teaspoon at a time. She needed a drinking aid that would enable her to take fluid in a controlled manner, without assistance.

The drinking aid was built around a peristaltic pump, gravity-fed from a widemouth flask (allowing carers to add ice cubes to the liquid if necessary). The pump was converted from mains power to 12V for safety and portability. A variable timer allowed the pumping-time, and thereby the quantity of fluid, to be set within suitable limits (a time equivalent to 5ml was used). The drinking aid is self-contained and portable, being powered by an internal rechargeable battery, and provided with a commercially available intelligent plug-in charger.

The client is now in control of her own fluid intake, and can satisfy her thirst without calling for help.

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