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Drinking aid

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Staffordshire
  • Drinking aid with water bottle
  • Complete

Drinking AidThis client, who is a wheelchair user, wished to be able to drink unaided. Existing aids were unsuitable as the client often choked when using a bite valve device.

The drinking aid produced comprised of a stand with a bracket to hold a drink measuring jug. A commercially available straw with a non-return valve was fitted to the jug. Connected to the straw was a drinking tube ending in a plastic block and mouthpiece resting on the client’s chest just below her chin. To drink, the client moved the plastic block to her mouth. When released, the mouthpiece dropped to her chest kept in position by a circular ring around the client’s head.

The client is able to drink without aid after the system is filled up, enabling her to be more self-reliant.


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