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Drinking mug to deliver a measure of liquid

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Essex West
  • 03/63/H 2005
  • Complete

The client has limited swallowing and sucking capability. Using a standard teat topped mug results in liquid spilling over his face and body. A mug was requested that would give, say 20mg, each sip and be used by the client without assistance strengthening his only useful limb and increasing his independence.

The valve, requiring suck to open it, was removed from a robust spill proof mug & replaced with an angled perspex tube designed to trap 20mg of fluid each time the mug is inverted. A second tube fitted between the air inlet hole and the base ensured that, in the tipped position, no liquid escaped from the air hole. After the tube is drained it is refilled by holding the mug in an upright position.

The client can now drink independently while exercising his only working limb. It can be cleaned using normal washing.

Drinking mug to deliver a measure of liquid 2Drinking mug to deliver a measure of liquid 1

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