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Drum stands

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2014/40
  • Complete
Drum and stand in use
Stand dismantled
The school has a number of bongo drums which serve as instruments that the pupils can use and enjoy. The problem is that bongo drums are designed to stand on the floor with the user sitting forward and over the drum. This is not possible for a person sitting in a wheelchair, especially when upper body movement is restricted.

The solution was to construct a stand in two parts, a base and an upright which included the drum holder. The upright fits into a socket on the base and is held in place by two toggle clamps. The drum holder is in the form of a bricklayer’s hod which can hold drums of the various sizes owned by the school. The hod is attached to the upright by two adjustable, hand tightened, clamps which allow both height and angle to be set to suit each user.

The stand can be broken down, both for storage and for carriage when visiting other locations.  The plywood base allows the wheelchair wheels to ride over it without damage.  Three stands were made.


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