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Electric feeder aids

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Scotland
  • 22/05/ext 2006
  • Complete

Electric feeder aidsThe client has motor neurone disease and requires a commercial electric feeder to eat without assistance. As the spoon has to be shallow to collect the food, soft foods and liquids caused problems. He also had difficulty in accessing a drink during his meal.

A contoured shelf to follow the spoon path was made from melamine sheet, with a rim attached to contain any liquids spilt. On the right hand side another shelf held a height adjustable cup holder to accommodate the increasing restriction of head movement. Both devices are clamped to the table separately allowing fine adjustment of position.

The client is still able to enjoy his favourite foods without spillage onto his legs and without assistance. The adjustable drink mug enables comfortable drinking with his meals.

(Caithness, Sutherland & Orkney)

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