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Exercise bike pedal foot clip modification

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The client cannot move her legs to pedal, and relies on the electric exerciser to pull her feet around, hence moving her leg muscles. This means the pedals are trying to pull away from her feet, and the only friction between foot and pedal is due to the weight of her leg. (i.e. no downward force from pedaling effort.)

It was decided to replace the plastic exerciser pedals with normal bicycle pedals, and to fit toe clips with a tensioning strap. In addition, the rear of the pedals were modified to accept 5mm plastic plates though which a Velcro fastened strap could be threaded, which could be fastened around the heel of the client’s shoe.

This combination proved to be successful in keeping the clients feet on the pedals, allowing her to exercise her leg muscles.

See attached photos, of the plastic plates made for the heel straps, and of the new pedal and toe clip installation.

The client paid for the pedals, toe clips and Velcro straps.

The client, who has M.S., has a mini electric exercise bike, of the type that is placed on the floor in front of the user’s chair. Whilst the pedals do have a single strap across them, the client’s feet keep coming off the pedals.

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