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Gas fire T handle - extends the normal control and makes it much easier to control the fire.

Extended Gas Fire Control

The client was sturggling to turn on her gas fire, after she broke her wrist. She is also being evaluated for dementia.

The Challenge

The client’s daughter wrote, “Need help to turn the fire on, my mum has very weak wrists and finds it very hard to put the fire on. You have to push it down quite hard, turn the control knob for two clicks, then turn it again.”

A commercial solution had already been fitted but proved insufficient.

The solution

The client’s daughter and son-in-law of the client had suggested cutting away part of the wooden mantlepiece to give free access to the COTS solution, this was not acceptable to the client.  However, the client was agreeable to a hole being drilled in the mantlepiece.

Being concerned about excessive vertical load being applied to the T bar solution, and into the fire control valve, the engineer designed a collar to mount to the T bar to restrict the vertical travel on the T bar.

The benefit

The client’s daughter says that her mother says the solution is “Really good, it is so much easier.”

The adaptation reserves the client’s independence, and makes it easier for her to keep warm.

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