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Extension to mobility scooter control

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Scotland
  • 3/08 2009
  • Complete

Extension to scooter controlThis lady has arthritis and has had the joints in her fingers and thumbs fused making her unable to use the control lever on her electric scooter.

To make an extension to the lever, a 115mm length of aluminium tube from an old walking frame was cut two-thirds way through, 50mm from one end. A segment was cut out of this piece and two cuts were made across it to form a clamp for crimping on to the lever. A segment was also taken out of the other piece and the tube was opened out to form a thumb piece. When the extension had been fixed onto the lever the angle of the thumb piece was adjusted so that the lady could reach it, while forward movement of the lever was not restricted.

The lady can now go out on her scooter to the shops.

(Scottish Borders)

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