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Fan cooled chair

Fan Cooled ChairThe young client has extensive actopic eczema making him extremely sensitive to heat. The condition causes acute itchiness and incites scratching resulting in skin damage and secondary infections. The request was to aid him to attend school and keep up with his work, as it is a major distraction to his concentration.

Medical advice was sought on the environmental requirements that might be expected to alleviate the condition. The solution was a modified garden chair to which were fixed perforated fibreboard panels and ducting that allowed cooling air to be directed by inbuilt fans on to critical areas of the client’s body. It was necessary that the system should not cause any inconvenience in terms of excessive noise or cold air to his classmates or the teachers.

A note from the client:  “Dear Mr Mulvaney, Thank you for my chair. I like it a lot. My chair makes me cool. It blows cool air out. I think you are excellent and clever. Love from Ryan”

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