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Feeding bowl clamp

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Scotland
  • 05-Mar
  • Complete

Feeding Bowl ClampThe client is a blind boy who attends a local school for disabled children. At lunch times, a tray was clamped to a table & a bowl of food placed on the tray. After eating the food, the boy threw the bowl anywhere and was in danger of hitting other children.

A plastic lid was made with a hole in the top slightly smaller than the diameter of the bowl. This was fixed to the tray using a piano hinge. A stay was incorporated to hold the lid open for cleaning and a magnetic catch to hold closed when in use. However, the boy very quickly found a way to open this, so the catch was replaced by a window stay security peg requiring a key to operate it.

His classmates and occupational therapists now enjoy a safer environment.

(Perthshire & Kinross)

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