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Foldaway ramp

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • LN/08/01/c 2009
  • Complete

Foldaway rampThe client has post-polio syndrome and uses a scooter to move around her home. She was unable to access her conservatory as it was at a lower level. She required a ramp which could be raised when not in use, as the space was required for her physiotherapy treatment and the scooter required a maximum slope of 8 degrees.

A 25V motor and 100:1 gearbox were coupled and mounted on a steel base plate, with a pitch chain and sprockets coupling the gearbox to a spindle running the length of the ramp. Three steel bars were welded to the spindle to support the ramp surface. The ramp weighed 10kg, and could be raised in 15 seconds. Limit switches were fitted.

The client was able to lower and raise the ramp while sitting on her scooter inside the bungalow. The physiotherapist was able to work in the space vacated by the raised ramp.

(Lincoln & District)

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