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Food Preparation Device for Amputee

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2023-183
  • Complete

Our client lost both hands in an accident and wishes to be able to prepare food. A sleeve was made that straps onto his arm to which different knives can be fitted.

The Challenge

Our client lost both hands in an accident and wishes to be able to prepare food.  He has tried prosthetics but quickly decided against them because he found they were more of a burden than a help.

The solution

A wrap-around wide Velcro strap was used to hold the two plastic semi-cylinders together, being fixed with three rivets obviating the need for hinges. The pipe sections were lined with adhesive backed foam for both comfort and avoidance of slippage. 

An adapted photographic tripod head was screwed to the sleeve assembly and various knives modified and fitted to standard tripod mounting plates in order to permit interchangeability (bread knife or carving knife). An additional knob was fitted to the safety locking mechanism for ease of operation.

The benefit

The client can now safely prepare his own food.

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3 responses to “Food Preparation Device for Amputee”

  1. Martin says:

    Very ingenious! Well done!

  2. Manuel says:

    This is a remarkable case of a design that solves the user needs, with simplicity, creativity and shows that anything is possible if there is a will to do something for a fellow being. Congratulations 🤗👍🏻

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