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Foot Plate to attach to wheelchair on bicycle

  • LeoHoward
  • Barnet
  • 13/BA/19
  • Complete

The adjustable fibreglass footrest of a “The Duet” Tandem Wheelchair bicycle at Pedal Power Finsbury Park had snapped in half, as shown in the insta story pictured below, and required reinforcing for the user’s comfort and safety. The plate was attached to the front of the wheelchair tandem with supports, which were easy to unscrew, and required thicker material to reinforce it. 3D printing the 280 by 180 (mm) footrest from scratch was impractical, and 3D printed material was not likely to be strong enough. The non-slip aspect of the plates had to be maintained.

The solution

The footplate was stuck together by gaffer tape and super glue, but also needed the plywood to reinforce it. However, screws for the supports could only go through one of the materials, and not both of them, for the supports to work. However, this was easy to solve. There were 8 screws for the supports (4 for each), but attaching 3 would suffice, and the other screw on each side could be used to attach the stuck together plate to the plywood, which had 6mm holes drilled through it (with both manual and electrical drills of 6mm).

The benefit

The reinforcement of the plate was stronger, and it had support from underneath it that was strong and reliable.

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