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Girl’s bicycle adaptation

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Scotland
  • 2005
  • Complete

Girl's bicycle adaptationA 12- year old girl needs to wear a leg splint on her left leg. Wanting to cycle with friends, she was given a girl’s bicycle fitted with mocked up stabilisers. The stabilisers were ineffective and the girl’s foot would twist towards the frame and become entangled.

Industrial roll casters were mounted to stabiliser brackets and clamped onto the bicycle frame, and adjusted to give minimum clearance to a level road surface. Inline profile foot supports were fitted to new pedals. Foam infill pads were Velcro’d to the supports to accommodate different shoe sizes (larger for the foot with leg splint). A rope and pulley system was included to help with pedal orientation. The splinted leg is strapped into the foot support when cycling.

The client can now cycle safely.


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