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Gutter supports for 3-wheeled walker

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The client’s condition make it difficult for her to get around her home with her 3-wheeled walker. An adaption to the walker is requested, to add gutter supports.

Two options were discussed with the client.

Option 1. Insert and bond close fitting extension tubes into the existing handles, upon which the gutters would be bolted. The client’s forearms would then rest in the padded gutters, whilst her hands could hold the walker handles and operate the brakes if needed.

Option 2. Bolt the gutters directly over the existing handles. This means the walker brakes could not be used, but the client is positioned closer to the walker.

Given that the client only uses the walker to go from room to room, and has poor grip so that braking is not an option, option 2 was chosen. The walker is never used outside of the house.

Two 20cm lengths of 2mm thick plastic gutter were used to make the gutters. Two cushioning pads were made from 25mm thick foam, covered with ‘leatherette’ material. Two holes were drilled through each existing handle, and two 6mm bolts used to secure the gutter assemblies. All corners and edges were radiused. The cushions were secured over the roundhead bolt heads with self adhesive Velcro.


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