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Handles for JLL treadmill

I was asked to attach some handles to a treadmill for a seven-year-old as the original handles were too high for him to reach.

The Challenge

The client couldnt reach the handles and found it hard to use the equipment to help with his walking and muscle strenth.

The original handles were too high, so a lower set has been produced and fitted.

The solution

The treadmill has some captive nuts in the uprights holding the original handles, the captive nuts are 8mm and at 70mm centre. Two 4mm thick plates were put and drilled with 8mm clearance holes, and two 21mm diameter poles at 500mm long were welded to the plates at an angle.

As I hadn’t measured the angle of the locating nuts, best guess was used on the angle, but it has worked out well as the client can move his hands up and down the grips giving him adjustment.

I used two bike handlebar grips on each side for a comfortable handle.

The benefit

The young client can now use the equipment for his excercise. He has completed one kilometer in a week, a great achievement!

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2 responses to “Handles for JLL treadmill”

  1. Beccy Knight says:

    Amazing! Thank you very much Nigel. Spencer is so much more motivated to engage is physio now he can comfortably use the treadmill.

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