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Head Probe

It’s easy to take activities like reading for granted but although the client could use his head movement for certain tasks like operating the TV remote, other activities weren’t possible.

The challenge was to expand the range of items he can control with his head movement and allow him to do some of the things he used to like to do, such as reading independently.

The solution

A head mounted probe using a touch screen compatible tip was made that would allow the control of an eReader and could also be used with a tablet, making a whole range of new activities accessible.

The probe consisted of a small, touch compatible, stylus fixed to one end of an adapted 6mm diameter aluminium tube (30cm long). Jim then attached the tube at the other end, to the head fitting which was made from the inside plastic harness of a safety helmet. The harness was reinforced at the front with an aluminium strip and wrapped with self-adhesive padding for comfort.

The benefit

The head probe enables the client to access a whole new range of activities through the control of a touch screen and has made a big difference to his independence.

Engineer: Jim

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