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Help with Canoe Paddling

  • Ian D Midgley
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From the Yeovil & District Panel

“The client is a woman of about 35 who has rheumatoid arthritis this has affected her wrists.  She has had an operation to fuse the joint in her right wrist, which has restricted her movement and greatly reduced her grip.  Her left wrist is affected but has not been fused but is very stiff and has a weak grip although better than her right.   She tries to keep active and was a keen canoeist and surfer before the arthritis took hold.  She really would like to continue canoeing but finds it very painful to use her paddle for more than a few minutes.  What is required is a fitting that we can attach to the paddle to support both wrists and allow her to use the paddle effectively.  The fitting must have some degree of flexibility and allow her to lose the paddle in an emergency.   I am considering breaking the one-piece paddle into two and using them as oars which she can use facing forward.  The method of the grip is still a problem. “

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