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Help with hovercraft controls please

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(posted by Paula Allchin)


Simon Tytherleigh from the  Exeter panel  is looking for some help to modify hovercraft controls for a disabled student.  The school has several craft and their technology club is currently building another, which they would like to modify. There are two controls – rudder and throttle. These need to be linked to a joystick for the user to operate. Ideally the adapted controls should be removeable so able-bodied drivers can also use the craft.

I have no experience of doing this sort of thing, and the school need advice more than they need practical assistance. It was suggested that an Arduino joystick would provide the basic unit, and I assume this needs to be connected to a couple of linear actuators to provide the necessary thrust. Internet searches have not thrown much light on the matter!

The opportunity for the 15 year-old student to be able to ride in and operate a hovercraft is clearly a big thing. He takes part in the building of the new craft with ideas development. So the value of building something that he can operate is not just the thrill of it but also clearly in the understanding of the practical process of adapting something to his needs.

If anyone has any suggestions, links to products or REMAP projects that might be similar, or any other ideas, I would be most grateful.

Please reply to Simon

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