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Hfd 15/05/B Kings modular cutlery


Problem: Client only has the use of the right arm which is limited due to, amongst other things, having a fixed elbow. Consequently, he has a specialist spoon with two 30 degree bends and a grip handle. The pieces slot together and can be rotated to the desired position. The problem is that he has poor motor control and so exerts excessive force on the joints. Over time the joints become slack and the spoon position wanders. He pushes paper into the joints to tighten them but this merely forces them apart and splits them eventually.
Solution: The client obtained new adaptors and each was fitted with a ½ inch ID brass olive fixed with superglue; this was then covered with a heat-shrink sleeve.Retaining the ability to modify the angle of the various pieces (rather than simply permanently fixing them together) ensures any future change in the client’s condition can be accommodated.
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