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Hobby workstation

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2016/53
  • Complete
image004 Drilling the hazel stick

image002 Drilling the antler
A finished walking stick
The client has suffered a stroke and would like to continue with his hobby of making walking sticks with deer antler handles while seated in his wheelchair and with the use of only one hand.

He requires to drill the irregularly shaped hazel sticks and the even more irregular antlers down the centre. The two parts are then assembled with a 8mm steel screw thread and spacer through the middle which is epoxy glued together.

A jig was made that could be set up in a Workmate by the client’s carer, consisting of two interchangeable tables to hold either the stick or the antler. A drill was mounted on a sliding table.

The stick is mounted on the first table between centres at the correct height using a selection of stepped bushes roughly the size of the stick and then clamped up with the three screws in a chuck motion. The drill is then pushed into the stick and the hole is produced central down its length.

The antler is mounted on the second table made of a Mole grip clamp mounted onto a heavy duty ball and swivel. The clamp can be positioned in any alignment allowing the antler to be drilled along its centreline.


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