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Hoist for sailing

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Surrey
  • 1062 2004
  • Complete

Hoist for sailingThe hoist used at the client’s sailing club fails repeatedly and is often sent away for repair. In view of this unreliability (the client is competing for a place in the Paralympic Team and is down to the last six contenders), another hoist was obtained to act as a standby for such occasions. Remap was approached to see if we could make a sleeve to enable the new hoist to fit the existing mounting.

A bronze sleeve was made which was clamped to the new hoist and fitted into the old mounting. A ‘bung’ with a brush attached, was also made, which fitted the mounting to inhibit the ingress of dirt into the mounting, which might cause the hoist to jam on insertion, and the brush provided a means of cleaning the mounting if necessary.

The client is now back on the water.


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