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Hospital bell-push aid

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Basingstoke
  • 07/08-35 2009
  • Complete

Ken is regularly admitted to hospital and because of his poor hand/finger movement can not use the emergency call bell-push. He needed a simple aid requiring minimal hand and finger movement to operate. The surfaces also needed to facilitate easy decontamination.

An oak block was bored out to hold the hospital bell-push with the actuating button protruding beyond the end of the block. A hinged end piece top plate enabled the button to be depressed with a very simple downward hand movement, the bellpush providing sufficient spring action to re-set the unit. The wood items were varnished and together with the plastic top plate enable the unit to be easily cleaned and decontaminated.

Ken’s hospital stays are made less stressful knowing that he can now easily call for help at any time. The hospital was so pleased with the adaptation that they asked for another six to be made.

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