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I can jump waves on holiday!

  • Philippa
  • Oxfordshire
  • OX19/1450/6DA
  • Complete

5 year-old boy (one of twins) with Cerebral Palsy, who has recently had surgery to enable him to stand, planning going on their first family holiday to the beach. He wanted to use his ‘K’ Walker on the sand and in the sea.

Image of a commercially made ‘K’ Walker before adaptation.

The solution

Larger / wider wheels were obtained and fitted to the walker to enable it to be used in a salty / sandy environment without sinking in, as the standard K-Walker wheels would do.

Mounting blocks (aluminum) were machined and bushes (brass) turned to enable the wheels to be mounted on the frame.

Child using his adapted ‘K’ walker on the beach.

See other similar designs: and

The benefit

This project enables this young boy to share a beach holiday with his able-bodied twin brother for the first time and jump the waves.

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5 responses to “I can jump waves on holiday!”

  1. Robert Monk says:

    You are probably the fourth Panel to be asked to do this job; welcome to the club!
    The original project above by the Oxford Panel used balloon wheels like these: , but these are intended for trolleys to launch boats from a beach and so may be more appropriate (and cheaper):

  2. John Dunnett says:

    I have a similar enquiry in Aberdeen. I am making a low loader on wide golf trolley wheels which will carry the boys walker frame above the sand . If my system is not worthwhile I am interested in doing a conversion like yours. Can you give me details of the wheels you have used.

  3. Robert Monk says:

    Tim, if you email me at, I will share what we have with you

  4. Joe Iliffe says:

    Hello Tim,
    I am from the Berkshire group and have also been asked to do the same job for a client in Reading. We have had information about this project from the Oxford group including the supplier of the pneumatic wheels. If you and I can find a way to communicate directly I am sure it would be a benefit. Question is, how do we do that?

  5. Tim Greenway says:

    I’m from Coventry & Warwick REMAP group and have been asked to some almost exactly the same job for another patient.
    Would it be possible to share sketches and details of where you got the wheels for this modification?
    I haven’t yet been to see the patient. From the photo’s, it looks like the front wheels castor. Do they castor on your modified version? Do they need to castor?
    Many thanks

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