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I can play the drum again!

  • Philippa
  • Oxfordshire
  • OX18/1437/3DA
  • Complete

A gentleman, who had been a professional drummer, was no longer able to play as he could not get his ankle into the correct angle to operate the drum pedal. He could not lift his foot to allow the drumstick to move back ready to make the stroke.

Before  – He could not hold his foot in the correct position to use the peddle.

The solution

The Remap engineer was looking forward to this as an exciting challenge, with the possibility of a complex mechanism to be made to change the pedal angle, but actually the answer proved to be very simple.

It was found that the solution suggested itself as the client demonstrated that he could play the drum by lifting his heel off the ground, but was unable to sustain this for longer than 30 seconds or so, as it made his leg muscles tired.

The problem was solved by placing a piece of fairly rigid foam under his right heel.

Solution – with foam under the heal.

The foam was subsequently cut down from what is shown in the picture.

The benefit

He can now play the drum for as long as he likes; this lifted his entire mood as drumming was a key part of his life. His general demeanor completely changed when he realised he could play again – he straight away went into five minutes of drumming to celebrate! important enough to impact on his quality of life considerably.

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