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Interfacing a shower toilet with a commode chair

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2018/128
  • Complete

The client wishes to use her toilet (with integral wash and dry function) without transferring from her wheeled commode, but the wash water escapes through the gap between toilet bowl and the underside of the commode (onto the bathroom floor), and the toilet does not detect the presence of the client when seated (because of her raised seating position).

The solution

The commode already has rails under the seat to accommodate a toilet pan. A spare toilet pan was extensively modified to create an insert that sits in those same rails and closes the gap.

Commode located over the toilet bowl

Plastic insert

Insert in position below the commode seat

The benefit

The client can now use her toilet without transferring unecessarily from her commode and without spilling water over her bathroom floor. The toilet now detects the presence of the user and operates its wash and dry operations correctly.

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