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Invacare headrest comfort modifications

Our client has a pronounced lean to the left, and her standard Invacare headrest of the type shown can be adjusted sideways to suit. However, the side supports of the headrest tended to move out of adjustment, and our client was unable to find  a comfortable position in any case.  The problem had been ongoing for many months prior to Remap’s involvement.

The solution

A joint assessment took place between Remap engineer Ian Midgley, the client’s physio, and a local healthcare equipment provider.  Some different designs of commercial headrest were tried, but nothing seemed to suite the client just right.  The joint conclusion was that the original Invacare headrest might do the trick if we could stop its side supports moving out of adjustment; add some extra adjustment so it could be slightly angled forward at one side; and add a soft cushion for use throughout the day.

Quarter inch thick aluminium bar was heated and bent to form a rigid support for the headrest sides and covered in black heat-shrink sleeve to match.  Some fine adjustment was added with a hand wheel on the left hand side.  A hinged and locking roller device was also created to give the required additional adjustment. When the correct angle was finally found, the spring was then removed and replaced with a small fixed bar to prevent anyone knocking it out of position.

Photos from the workshop:

The additional adjustments to find the perfect position.

Finally, a memory foam cushion was made to velcro around the headrest (and a spare to swap to, when it needs a wash).

The benefit

For someone in a wheelchair throughout the day and with posture issues that cannot be corrected, it is essential a comfortable and supportive position can be found – and we were pleased we were able to help achieve this for the client to her delight.

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