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Joystick To USB Mouse Adaptor

Adam’s passion was always video games, but he is no longer able to use a game controller, or more recently, even to move a computer mouse.  He also relies on his computer for many other purposes. The ‘Special Effects’ company had tried ‘eye gaze’ software but this was unsuccessful in Adam’s case.

The solution

Adam’s friend James, provided a miniature joystick previously used to control a wheelchair and asked if this could be used.

The miniature joystick was re-purposed to move the mouse pointer on the client’s computer which he uses for gaming and many other purposes. An electronic circuit was designed and built to interface the analogue joystick to a USB cable connected to the computer. The speed that the pointer moves is adjustable. No mouse click function was requested as the computer has ‘dwell’ software that, after a brief delay, automatically left clicks when the mouse pointer stops moving.

The arm to hold the joystick in position was provided by Adam’s occupational therapist.

The joystick with its adaptor circuit box and USB plug

The benefit

Adam can now use his chin to move the mouse pointer around his computer screen, so he can now continue to play computer games such as strategy games not requiring fast responses, and also use his computer for many other purposes.

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