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Jug tipper

Students with motor impairments at a local special needs college were struggling to pour ingredients from a jug during cookery.  Standard kettle tipping devices had been tried but were unsuitable for this particular application.

The solution

Engineer Ian Brocket took the kettle tipping devices away with a view to modifying them.  The solution was to add a vertical slide within a guide channel and a strong spring clip to grip jugs with a range of heights. The clip can pivot about it’s mount thus catering for differences in jug shapes. In case students were unsure how to operate the tipping feature we added an additional handle.

The benefit

The college OT provided initial feedback….

“The equipment has worked really nicely for one of our students. It has assisted her to be able to pour liquids into the bowl to make some baked goods. It has allowed her to do this independently rather than needing physical assistance to pour. Thanks so much for your help with this equipment.”

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