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Kettle filling aid

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Basingstoke
  • 04/05-02 2006
  • Complete

Kettle filling aidThe client has cerebral palsy and uses a standard tilting cradle for her kettle. She is able to pour boiling water from her electric kettle without much problem but is unable to fill the kettle with cold water.

A filling aid was constructed from a length of clear plastic tubing. A “push-on” rubber fitting at one end connects to the cold water tap and a piece of stainless steel tubing at the other end fits into the spout of the kettle. A wooden cross piece clamped to the steel tube ensures that end of the tube can be easily positioned in the kettle spout. In use, the client connects the tubing to the water tap, places the stainless steel end piece into the kettle spout and then turns on the lever operated tap to fill the kettle.

The client can now fill the kettle easily without aid and has gained a greater independence.

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