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Keyboard for person with ataxia

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North Wales Remap  have had a new case referred to us involving a client with ataxia. He is 40, lives alone, has carers and uses a wheelchair. He has written a book and is keen to write another but has problems using a keyboard due to tremors resulting in inaccurate finger positioning on keys. He is very reliant on the computer for communication. Various solutions have been proposed and tried (such as voice-activation) but failed due to the involuntary and unpredictable movements involved in his disability.


I would be grateful for any suggestions on tackling this case.

John Hill

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4 responses to “Keyboard for person with ataxia”

  1. Alan Gill says:

    What about a large size keyboard with dished fingerpads,one could possibly 3D print suitable pads.

  2. jack rae says:

    Or a perspex overlay with finger holes above each key. A system similar to this was displayed at the AGM a couple of years ago, in this case it was for a young lad to operate selected game-play keys.

  3. Tom Bradley says:

    Sorry if a bit obvious but have you tried enabling slow keys?

    Windows settings
    ease of access
    Enable slow keys

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