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Lateral Anti-Tip Stabilisers

  • Pippa Cousins
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The School OT reported: “An eleven year old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), global developmental delay, and hypotonia, demonstrates some sensory processing issues, and finds it difficult to remain seated in class, which is impacting on his function and safety within the classroom. He currently has a Breezi chair, which he attempts to rock. The risk of him tipping the chair backwards has been managed by fitting skis and a foot-board to the base, but now throws his weight sideways, putting him at risk of tipping to the side. Tom is able to tolerate the sitting for periods while he is occupied and distracted by a task, but when he starts to rock the chair it becomes distracting to the class, and puts him and staff at risk of injury. He may benefit from the provision of anti-tip stabilisers to fit to the sides of his chair, to prevent it rocking or tipping from side to side. Unfortunately the chair manufacturer does not make anything suitable.”

The solution

The chair was fitted with two additional lateral aluminium stabilisers, that can be extended and locked into position, or retracted when not required. Operating instructions were supplied.

The benefit

If the child tries to rack his chair to the side, the risk of tipping has been significantly reduced, also reducing risk of harm to himself or staff if he were to tip over.

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